Masonry is a part and parcel of any landscaping project. Different types of materials such as aggregates, mortar, gravel, sand and natural stone and brick are used in masonry features. These materials could be used in the construction of installations such as retaining walls, boundary walls, garden steps, planters and more.

Land X Landscape Construction provides comprehensive masonry services to customers in and around Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Chino, and Upland. Over the years, the company has also handled a number of projects across Alta Loma, Fontana, Claremont as well as San Bernardino County. The different solutions they provide are:


As mentioned earlier, masonry is used in a number of different ways in landscape projects. In fact, these installations and features are typically installed in the first phase of the project; they become the foundation of most of the other features and elements and add to the resilience and integrity of the landscape. When you are getting any masonry features installed, you need to ensure that you hire a skilled contractor for the job.


There are certain specialized features in a landscape in which natural stones of different types may be used. Retaining walls are one such feature that requires the skill of a stone mason. These professionals are skilled in the art of incorporating natural stone into the features and ensuring that the installations are engineered to perfection. Only credible landscapers have skilled stone masons on their team to handle these jobs. Stone masons can tackle a variety of masonry jobs such as retaining wall construction, driveway and pathway installation and more.


Concrete and other materials that are used in masonry installations are extremely tough and hardy and when you hire expert landscapers for the job, you can rest assured that they will last for a very long time. However there are times when they suffer damage due to a heavy impact, some accident or in a natural calamity like a storm. In this case, you would have to hire the services of a reputed and experienced company to tackle masonry repair for you. They will use similar materials and expert craftsmanship in the work to ensure the installation regains its resilience and strength.


When you are getting any masonry construction done, you should ensure that you hire a skilled contractor for the job. After all, you don’t want these features to deteriorate before their time or get affected by climatic changes or regular wear and tear. This is why the quality of the materials used in the masonry construction matter a great deal. Always look for a company that has handled similar projects in the past and has a good reputation.

When you are getting masonry installations for your landscape, you need to be assured that the company which provides these services has the experience, expertise and the resources to handle the job in an expert manner. Look for a well-established company like Land X Landscape Construction to handle your project for you.