Masonry Walls and Planters

Masonry Walls, Ontario, CA Your landscape is composed of a variety of distinct elements and features. Apart from being unique in hardscapes and flora, these places must be sturdy and long-lasting. Adding brick wall constructions to your landscape can be extremely helpful, providing stability and elegance.

These stone walls are specifically developed for outdoor settings prone to soil erosion or have gradient-related difficulties. Along with plants, block walls provide outdoor areas with an excellent backdrop for all the other features on your property. Land X Landscape Construction, Inc. delivers high-quality masonry walls to residential and commercial customers in Ontario, California.

You can discuss your requirements in detail with our specialists, who will conduct an in-depth evaluation of your outside areas. They will measure the outdoor area size and determine the optimal location for masonry walls. In addition to these frameworks, we provide our customers with custom planter design and installation services.

Types of Masonry Walls

Some of the most common masonry wall ideas for residential and commercial buildings include the following:

Boulder Walls

Sometimes, property owners want to give their landscape a more natural and organic appearance. Boulder masonry walls are the most excellent alternative in these situations. The builders will stack both large and small stones carefully, either with/or without mortar. The walls enhance the appearance of your home and can easily endure decades without requiring any maintenance.

Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone lends a timeless quality to your home while also being extremely robust and long-lasting, making it an excellent choice for retaining wall construction. The professional installers will carefully cut and arrange natural stones. You do not have to stress these stones toppling over since they are fixed in mortar.

Concrete Block Walls

Concrete block walls are widely used in business, and residential settings and help retain soil while contributing to the aesthetic of your environment. We install these walls skillfully and adjust the height and length based on your needs. Due to its ease of installation, labor expenses are minimized, which means you also spend less on high-quality masonry walls.

Unique Landscape Planters

Adding planters to various areas of your landscape is a great way to add to its beauty and functionality. To create green and fresh outdoor spaces, you can use these planters for various blooms and plantings. Our team will work with you; to provide masonry wall plans that incorporate planters. These serve the required purpose while looking great in the landscape. We will make sure that the planter design and layout complement the walls so that your outdoor spaces have a seamless and cohesive look. We use the best materials like concrete blocks, natural stone, or brick pavers as per the landscape aesthetic.

For information about our specialized services and masonry walls and planters, please call Land X Landscape Construction, Inc. at 909-724-1461. If you prefer to drop us a line, please use this Online Form, and one of our team members will call you back soon to discuss your requirements.
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