Synthetic Grass Applications

Synthetic Grass Ontario, CA Almost all landscapes have lawn spaces and these features add to the beauty and freshness of the outdoor areas of your property. However anyone that has a lawn on their property will know exactly how much time and effort goes into its maintenance. It has to be mowed and de-weeded with regularity and needs fertilization and pest control treatments. You need to water it every day and ensure it has proper drainage and more. This is where synthetic grass comes into the picture.

Land X Landscape Construction provides excellent fake grass installation services to customers in and around Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, Chino, and Upland. Over the years, the company has also handled a number of projects across Alta Loma, Fontana, Claremont as well as San Bernardino County.

Artificial Grass

There are a number of advantages to getting artificial grass installed on your property. You don’t have to worry about mowing it and fertilizing it. Re-sodding or seeding are things you will never have to do and you don’t have to worry about it drying up or getting damaged by foot traffic – artificial grass looks stunning and adds value to your property.

Fake Grass

If you are tired of weekly lawn mowing and de-weeding but still feel that you want some lawn areas on your property, fake grass is an excellent option for you. This installation is quick and easy, ready for immediate use and requires almost no maintenance. This means you get all the advantages of having a lawn without any of the downsides. Many people feel that this grass won’t look natural, but the grass that is made using the latest technology looks very much like the real thing.

Artificial Turf

Landscape design is a lot about using various elements, features and installations in the right measure. While plantings such as shrubs, plants and trees add a distinct charm to the yard and garden spaces, a grass installation creates a very fresh and green look in the place. The artificial turf that’s available now looks very much like real grass and can be installed quickly in commercial as well as residential settings.

Putting Green

If you are a golf enthusiast and feel that you are always strapped for time and cant head to the greens whenever you have some leisure time, you can always consider getting a putting green installed in your backyard. This installation can be as small or big as you want it to be and can be installed in any section of your garden or yard space. Not only does this give you the freedom to simply step out and play a round of golf when you feel like it, but it adds beauty and value to your property as well.

When you are getting artificial grass installations for your landscape, you need to be assured that the company which provides these services has the experience, expertise and the resources to handle the job in an expert manner. Look for a well-established company like Land X Landscape Construction to handle your project for you.


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